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Proposed Bylaw changes. The main changes are to combine the Secretary and Treasurer positions and to allow nominations to be done via USPS mail, in addition to in person at a meeting.

These will be discussed at two upcoming Membership Meetings (when it's safe to meet again) and then voted on.   

Click here to view these proposed changes.

Needed - Volunteers to Serve on the CWA Local 4671 Election Committee

The main work of the Committee will be to run the upcoming elections for Officers and Area Representatives of the Local. [All positions on the Executive Board are up for election this fall.] A timeline has been established for when nominations and the elections will take place and that will need to be followed. If lost time or travel expenses are incurred, you will be reimbursed by the Local. If you have questions or are interested in serving, please let your Area Representative or one of the Officers know. Thank you for considering helping out with this!

Subject: CWA 2020 Graduate Recognition

TO: CWA D4 Local Presidents
Dear Colleagues:
As we attempt to navigate our day-to-day lives as normally as possible during these abnormal times, I find myself thinking of others who are challenged with achieving a milestone in their lives without the typical recognition that would accompany it. Specifically, I am thinking of our high school and college graduates of 2020. We want to be able to provide an opportunity for our members in CWA District 4 to honor their graduates on their milestone, and be recognized by our CWA family.
We have created a link by which our members can click on and post a message to their 2020 graduate, along with a picture (optional). The link is provided below.

We will then place all of the 2020 high school and college graduates on our CWA District 4 Website. This can then be available with a link that will be shared to our members so that they are able to view all of these young people who have worked so hard to reach this milestone and ensure that they are honored and recognized by their CWA Family.
This is open to all CWA D4 members who would like to recognize a 2020 graduate.
In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton
Vice President
CWA District 4

CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Drawing 2020

Who is eligible:
Children of dues paying CWA Local 4671 members,
CWA Local 4671 dues paying members and spouses of CWA Local 4671 dues paying members.
Children of dues paying members must be graduating high school seniors (winter or spring)
or a currently enrolled post high school student.

Additional criteria:
Student must be planning to attend or is currently attending a post high school accredited college, university, trade or technical school.

Selection process:
A simple random lottery style drawing will be held after August 17, 2020 conducted by the Local’s Scholarship Committee.
No one individual may receive the scholarship more than once.

The form below must be received by the Committee no later than Aug 15, 2020.

Click here for an easy to print application.

The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship

The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship awards college scholarships to children of union members across the country. Since 2001, nearly $250,000 has been given to fund the education of hundreds of promising young men and women. Chances are you know of a family that has benefited in your hometown. The scholarship program is a fitting tribute to our friend who gave so much to so many.

Scholarship applications can be requested by calling our scholarship hotline at 888-224-5021 or by visiting our website

Scholarship applications must be submitted by May 31, 2020.

To learn more about the NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship, please contact us at your convenience.

Scott A. Layeux, CFP, CRC
Tony Szymborski, CRC
1233 N. Mayfair Road
Suite #308
Wauwatosa, Wi 53226
Office: (414)-278-8880
Toll Free: (877)-296-8880
Fax: (414)-278-9063


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is suggested that you vote ABSENTEE for the Spring Election. Either contact your municipal clerk or, if you're already registered, request your absentee ballot at:

You will need to scan or take a photo of your driver's license in order to request your ballot - much as you would need to show ID when you show up in person.

Spring 2020 Elections

Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary: Tuesday - April 7, 2020
•Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice; and
•Many municipal races and referendum(s) throughout the state.

Fall 2020 Elections

Partisan Primary: Tuesday - August 11, 2020

General and Presidential Election: Tuesday - November 3, 2020
•President of the United States;
•All 8 Representatives in Congress where the term of office is two years;
•16 of 33 State Senators (even-numbered districts) whose term of office is four years;
•All 99 Representatives in the Assembly whose terms are two years;
•All 71 County District Attorneys (Shawano and Menominee Counties are combined) whose terms are four years; and
•Possibly other county/municipal races or referendum(s) in your area.

At all elections now in Wisconsin, voters must show an acceptable photo ID before a ballot will be provided. If you need to register to vote or if you have questions about the ID requirement or anything else,
contact your municipal clerk or check out:

This is a great website if you don't know, for sure, if you're registered to vote or
where you vote or what races are going to be on your ballot!

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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The Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved the awarding of sixteen (16) partial college scholarships of $4,000 each for two years. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members. Applications will be available solely online for submission on the Foundation’s website at

Question/answer combinations related to the Frontier potential bankruptcy and the effect on lump sum pensions. There is a lot of confusion among our members based on misinformation from the Company. We hope this Q&A document can help accurately answer some of those questions.
Question: If I choose to retire prior to the company filing for bankruptcy, can I receive my pension as a lump sum?
Answer: Yes, however, you must have an “annuity start date” before the commencement of the bankruptcy.

Question: How do I obtain an annuity start date?
Answer: An annuity start date is the first of a month (such as March 1, 2020). Your employment separation/retirement date must be before your annuity start date (for example, February 28, 2020 for a March 1, 2020 annuity date), so notify your manager you are retiring as of a date that is before the annuity start date that you want. Also, you have to be sent a pension election package before your annuity start date. The package (“417 Notice”), notifies you, in writing, of the present value of your pension and allows you to elect the lump sum. Lastly, you must return your election promptly to ensure that a check can be cut within 90 days.

Question: How do I get a pension election package/417 Notice?
Answer: If you call the Milliman Service Center (866-333-2074 option 1) you will usually be sent a package/417 Notice in about three weeks (too late for a March 1, 2020 annuity start date). However, most participants (about 90%) can go on the pension
Attorney/Client Privileged
- 2 - 3026062.1 02/25/2020 1:33 PM
website ( and download or print their own packages/417 Notices the same day. By going on the website, there is still time to generate your package/417 Notice before March 1, 2020.

Question: Who will assist me if I am having trouble using the website?
Answer: You can also call the Milliman Service Center (866-333-2074 option 1) to receive assistance.

Question: What if I previously requested a package/417 Notice by phone and have not received it?
Answer: Milliman advises that it is working to send March 1, 2020 packages/417 Notices before March 1, 2020 to all employees who requested them by yesterday, February 24, 2020. However, if you want to be sure, you can go on the pension website ( and generate your own package/417 Notice before March 1, 2020. You can also call the Milliman Service Center (866-333-2074 option 1) to receive assistance.

Question: What happens if I do not receive an annuity start date before Frontier files for bankruptcy?
Answer: Under federal law, lump sum payments are not available for annuity start dates that are on or after a company files for bankruptcy (unless the plan is 100% funded). It is rare for a plan to be 100% funded. In Frontier’s view, the suspension of lump sum payments is not Frontier’s choice, but is a requirement of federal law.

2019 CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Winners listed below:
CWA Member working for Frontier Communications Joe Herbst of Sun Prairie, his wife Jacqueline Herbst will be attending Lakeland University.
CWA Member working for CenturyLink Nick Janota of Rice Lake his daughter Audrey Scheel will be attending UW Stout.

CWA Collective Briefing updated July 30, 2019 CLICK HERE to view and sign up for future updates. 

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Stand Up Against Offshoring

This summer, CWAers all across the country will take action to stop corporations from sending our jobs overseas. Big corporations are leaving our communities behind to boost profits and exploit working people, not only in the United States, but all over the world.

Join your fellow CWAers in the fight against offshoring and sign our petition in support of The No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act (H.R.1711/S.780). This bill reverses the incentives to send jobs overseas in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (a.k.a. the Republican corporate tax cut bill) by ensuring that companies would not be able to slash their tax bills by offshoring those jobs. In addition, the bill blocks corporate efforts to dodge taxes by shifting funds to tax havens and deducting enormous levels of interest on debt owed to foreign subsidiaries.


Winner: Hailey Winesburg-Member: Brad Winesburg, Frontier Rhinelander-Hailey is going to UW Green Bay

Winner: Brandon Lucht-Member: Todd Lucht, Frontier, Antigo-Brandon is going to UW Platteville

Winner: Luke Verdecchia-Member: Sam Verdecchia, Frontier Sun Prairie-Luke is going to UW Madison

Winner: Tyler Mesun-Member: Robert Mesun, Frontier Minocqua-Tyler is going to Nicholet Technical College

Winner: Amber Verdecchia-Member: Sam Verdecchia, Frontier Sun Prairie- Amber is going to UW Madison

Winner: Carmen Ramirez-Member: Claudia Cruz, Frontier Sun Prairie-Carmen is going to Madison Tech College

2017 CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Winners!!

Member Don Manecke employed with Century Link in Hayward,
Student Rachel Manecke going to school at WITC in Barron WI.

Member Brad Winesburg employed with Frontier Legacy in Rhinelander,
Student Daniel Winesburg going to school at NWTC in Green Bay WI.

Member Thomas Licht employed with Century Link in Prairie du Chien,
Student Ryan Licht going to school at Chippewa Valley Tech College.

Member Robert Furger employed with Frontier in Wausau,
Student Kailey Furger going to school at UW Madison.

Member Thomas Kemp employed with Fronter in Sun Prairie,
Student Katherine Kemp going to school at Waukesha County Tech College.


Elsey Anderson, daughter of Jeremy Millard Lineworker/Frontier Rhinelander,
is attending UW Oshkosh
Danielle Lyons, daughter of Gregory Lyons Service Tech/Frontier Marshfield,
is attending UW Stevens Point
Joseph Sedivy, son of Scott Sedivy CO Tech/Frontier Wausau,
is attending UW Marathon County
Zachary Furger, son of Robert Furger Service Tech/Frontier Wausau,
is attending Michigan Tech
Jacob Breuer, son of James Breuer Data Engineer/Frontier Slinger,
is attending UW Whitewater
Christopher Kott, son of Sky Kott Facilities Assigner/Frontier Sun Prairie,
is attending UW Platteville

Subject: Info about "UNAVAILABLE" Time coding

We have had issues regarding a supervisor asking the Technician what they were doing when they coded time to "unavailable." All well and good if it is about the day before or even the week before, perhaps, but more than once it has been weeks or even a month, when the Company is questioning the Tech in order to hand out discipline. Normally the Tech has told the Company he/she has written the reason for the "unavailable" time in the comments section.

My research (from a system admin in Minnesota) results are as follows:

The Comments do not appear after the current day. The code remains and time remains but comments disappear. Therefore, CYB (cover your butt) folks. KEEP NOTES!!!!!



2015 Local 4671 Scholarship winners:

Cathy Nelson (Frontier, Network Tech - WI Dells) son Luke Nelson going to UW Marathon County

Jennifer Shier (Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) son Spencer Shier going to UW Whitewater

Amy Mundt ( Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) daughter Camryn Schwartz going to UW Madison

Lionel Norton (Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) daughter Amri Moon-Norton to UW Stevens Point

Jerald Moore (Frontier, Construction Detailer, Sun Prairie) son Austin Moore going to UW Milwaukee

Ken Geiser (Frontier-Customer Zone Tech II, Hilbert) son Evan Geiser going to UW Green Bay

As you may all know Our Governor Scott Walker has signed a bill making Wisconsin a Right To Work state.The law would go into effect two days after the governor signs it and would impact all collective bargaining agreements that are renewed, modified, or extended after that date. Any current negotiations in which the union seeks to maintain a union shop must result in an agreement before the new bill goes into effect. That being said our contracts are safe until they expire.

Brief Overview of Law
The bill prohibits all unions (or any other person) from requiring, as a condition of employment, that any person:

- become or remain a member of the union as a condition of employment,
- pay dues or a fair-share obligation,
- pay to any other party or organization an amount equal to dues or assessments charged to union members,
-refrain from supporting or resign membership in a labor organization.

Any person who violates the right-to-work provisions are a Class A misdemeanor.

The bill amends the Wisconsin Employment Peace Act which establishes the framework for collective bargaining relationships between private sector employers and their employees. The bill does not affect the rights of public sector employees

Dues Checkoff and Referral Governed by Federal Law
A state right-to-work law does not impact dues checkoff agreements, since such agreements are governed by federal law. Similarly, the passage of right to work laws does not impact union referral systems, either exclusive or non-exclusive. This language refers to dues deductions from employees paychecks.

Unions Must Represent Non-Paying Bargaining Unit Members
Unions owe non-members a duty of fair representation, even to "free riders" in right to work states. You cannot refuse to represent non-payers or charge them special fees for representation that you provide to members for free.

As your president I can tell you we have many strong supporters of our union and hope that we all can stick together and stay strong. This attack on the middle class needs to stop! Unions are one of the last avenues to keep corporations and greedy politicians in check. Please get active in your union and stay a strong supporter so we can hold on to the benefits we struggled to keep for so many years and fight for the way of life we hope to leave behind for our children.


Steve Kotel
President CWA Local 4671

The following is the amount the CWA Defense Fund pays striking members:

No pay out for the first 14 days
$200 a week beginning on the 15th day of the strike
$300 a week beginning on the 29th day of the strike
The last convention voted for $400 a week after the 57th day of the strike

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