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The NettWorth Financial Group Donna Castleberry Scholarship awards college scholarships to children of union members across the country. Since 2001, nearly $300,000 has been given to fund the education of hundreds of promising young men and women. Chances are you know of a family that has benefited in your hometown. The scholarship program is a fitting tribute to our friend who gave so much to so many. Scholarship applications can be requested by visiting our website Scholarship applications must be submitted by May 31, 2024.

The CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Drawing is now open ...

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Assignment Center Rep Pauline Schneider's child Caden Schwartz who will be attending UW Whitewater.

Assignment Center Rep April Conrad's child Declan Conrad who will be attending Madison College.

North Area Member Tom Locke's grandchild who will be attending North Central Technical College.

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CenturyLink/Lumen Member
Shiloh Snider - student Samuel Snider who is attending Fox Valley Tech College

Frontier Member
Roberta Whiting - student Bailey Church who is attending UW Platteville

Frontier Member
Sam Gooch - student himself who is attending Rasmussen University

Frontier Member
Herbert Barnard - student Nathan Barnard who is attending UW Platteville

Frontier Member
Marcel Petersen - student Matthew Petersen who is attending UW Madison

Frontier Member
Patrick Pasiecznik - student Madison Pasiecznik who is attending St. Xavier University in Chicago 


CenturyLink/Lumen Member
Shiloh Snider - student Samuel Snider who is attending Fox Valley Tech College

Frontier Member
Roberta Whiting - student Bailey Church who is attending UW Platteville

Frontier Member
Sam Gooch - student himself who is attending Rasmussen University

Frontier Member
Herbert Barnard - student Nathan Barnard who is attending UW Platteville

Frontier Member
Marcel Petersen - student Matthew Petersen who is attending UW Madison

Frontier Member
Patrick Pasiecznik - student Madison Pasiecznik who is attending St. Xavier University in Chicago 

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Effects Bargaining Report
Covid- 19 Vaccine Mandate - Frontier
November 12, 2021

CWA continued bargaining with Frontier this week over the effects the Company’s planned COVID-19 vaccine mandate will have on our members.
The Company intends to require all employees be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (and submit proof to the Company) or be approved for a legally recognized medical or religious accommodation. Under the Company’s proposal, those who are non-compliant could face unpaid leave and possibly discharge.
We requested information to determine if it is necessary for Frontier to apply its vaccine mandate to all of its employees to be in full compliance with the federal mandate applicable to federal contractors.
We had a constructive discussion related to the mandate, including the process for submitting proof of vaccination, the process for requesting an accommodation, non-compliance issues and more.
We will continue to meet with Frontier and will keep you posted regarding any developments.

CWA Bargaining Committee:
Gladys Finnigan, District 1
Lynn Johnson, District 9

Attention All CWA Local 4671 Members:

Please take time to check on your pension. Make sure your information is correct - hire date, correct (legal name), home address, contact information (e-mail and/or telephone number), beneficiaries, … and make any necessary updates.

If your pension numbers/calculations look incorrect, contact the appropriate company and ask. [The benefits administration is thru a third-party processor and not directly with your company.]

For Frontier, go to: (which has some good overview information) and then Milliman is the administrator of the plan. is the actual log in screen. If you have never logged in before, you will need to create an account.

For Lumen/CenturyLink: go to to access your information. Willis Towers Watson is the administrator of the plan. If you have never logged in before, you will need to create an account.

October 13, 2021
To: CWA T&T Local President’s
Subject: 2021 78th CWA Convention – T&T Breakout Meeting
Greetings Local Leaders:
The upcoming CWA 78th CWA Convention is fast approaching. The T&T Breakout Meeting is
scheduled for Sunday, October 17th from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. This is the link for registration: CWA T&T Convention Breakout Registration Link
Just a reminder, a few important items you need to know for the meeting on Zoom:  Please adjust your schedules accordingly; all scheduled meetings are on (Eastern
Daylight Time) EDT.  Download the Zoom application in advance. You must use the Zoom desktop client
or mobile app. You will not be able to join using Zoom's web client.  You must join via video.  Sign-in 15 minutes before the meeting.  A unique link to the meeting will be emailed to you upon registration. Your unique link
cannot be shared by other participants. Please sign into the meeting using the same
email address you used when you registered.
If you have any questions about this meeting or about the meeting specifics with Zoom, please
contact my Administrative Secretary, Shonita Roy at Sincerely,
Lisa M. Bolton, Vice President
CWA Telecommunications & Technologies

Minutes from Monthly T & T Conference Call ...

To: All Lumen Local Presidents and Staff
Re: June Conference Call Minutes
The monthly call was held Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (EDT), hosted by Brian Sawyer,
President, Local 3682. Vice President Lisa Bolton was present on the call.
Locals present on the call: 3176, 3682, 3685, 3972, 4322, 4470, 4671 and 6171.
Staff present on the call: Ruth Marriott (T&T), Jon Remington (District 2/13) Shannon
Kirkland (District 4), Sylvia Ramos (Assistant to VP, District 6), Tony Shaffer (District 6) and
Zane Farr (Research).
2021 T&T Leadership Conference
June 23 – 24, 2021: Registration will go out tomorrow; please register for your bargaining unit
meetings and the conference. Hope to see you all there.
Bargaining Updates
Brian Sawyer announced a tentative agreement with Lumen and Locals 3682/3880/3681/3685
had been reached and the contract was ratified. Gene Redd did a great job chairing the CWA
Bargaining Team. The TA is out for ratification and due by July 1st
. The three-year agreement
* Wage increases each year: 1.5% on June 7, 2021, 1.5% on June 7, 2022, and 1.5% on June 7,
2023 (4.57% compounded over three years);
* Streamlined overtime equalization process and added defined penalty when the Company fails
its obligation;
* Increased Standby pay to $35 Monday - Friday, $45 on weekends and $50 on Holidays;
* Reduced distance requirements to take callouts when on Standby;
* Requires the Company to seek Union agreement before expanding Standby areas;
* Improved time off flexibility to allow Floating Holidays to be taken in one-hour increments;
* Modified the treatment of absences related to Supplemental Workers Comp Payments;
* Increased voluntary payment for moving expenses when the job transfer at the instance of the
Company is over 50 miles;
* Added safety shoe allowance of $100 per year or up to $300 over the life of the contract;
* Improved meal allowance and added the payment when working more than 75 miles outside
* Added company paid holiday for MLK Holiday;
* Added language requiring the Company provide a represented employee report;
* Maintained current levels of premium and overtime payments;
* Increased Termination allowance to $70k and added additional incentives to improve medical
coverage when terminating under the ESIPP allowance;
* Added auto enrollment into 401K for new hires at 3%;
* Provides $175 annually for uniform purchase;
* Maintains current layoff protection language and maintains current jurisdiction language.
Richard Hatch stated they are at the bargaining table now for Local 2204 (Virginia).
Negotiations started two days ago. The bargaining unit has about 30 people who are together
strong to back the team.
Wes Kirby, Local 3176: Encourages additional communications between Local Presidents
through establishing a group in the Signal App. This would be used to coordinate on issues that
affect all of us. Sharing information is so important to show the Company that we are talking to
each other. If Lumen knows we are talking to each other, instantaneously the Company will take
a serious look at our power.
Wes Kirby’s contact information for those who would like to join the message group is (352)
789-2900 or
Employee Driving Records – ARI
The Company said it was a condition of employment, so that should have been bargained.
Grievances have been filed in multiple locals as well as Labor Board charges in District 3.
Tony Shaffer: Each of our units in District 6 filed grievances and went straight to 2nd step. We
met with the Company today. We have also done RFIs.
Wil Barkley, Local 3672: Determined that only employees in VP Nate Edwards’ organization
are required to submit the information and be subjected to the policy.
Lisa Bolton: The Company stated that the current CBAs gave them the right to change safety
practices. You can cover that again at the T&T Conference if you’d like to Wes.
Local 3176: Unity at Mobility classes would be beneficial for Lumen.
Lisa Bolton: We do offer mobilization training out of the T&T Office for your locals. We have
facilitators, materials, etc. Contact the T&T Office for more information.
The call ended at 8:00 p.m. (EDT).

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Minutes from Monthly T&T Conference Calls

The monthly call was held Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. (EDT), hosted by Lisa Bolton,
Vice President, T&T.
Locals present on the call: 2001, 2010, 3673, 4372, 4671, 7270, 9003, 9400, 9404, 9510 and
Staff present on the call: Brenda Roberts (Vice President, District 7), Shannon Kirkland
(District 4), Tony Shaffer (District 6), Joe Gosiger (District 7) and Dan Reynolds (Research,
President Shelton is setting up a meeting with CEO. Reminder about the mobilization action
for Navajo Communications.
Bargaining Update
Joe Gosiger: District 7 isn’t part of the modernization plan!! IA and NE have no PUC so that
is a problem.
Navajo Communication update: One of the items at the table was no 40 hour work week or
no contracting during a surplus. The President of Local 7019 went to legislators and got letters
of support, outlining how important the 40 hour work week and contracting issue is. After the
letters went out, the Company came back and wanted to talk about the contracting and the 40
hour guarantee. This political action has worked well!! The worse bargaining I’ve ever been
at!! There are three IBEW locals that have settled and all got a 1.75% wage increase each year
(3) and left medical alone. Then in the Kingman, AZ (IBEW) unit they got a 4th year raise of
2%. We have to address the staffing problem.
Bankruptcy Update
See attached PowerPoint presentation from Dan Reynolds.

Ruth Marriott
Staff Representative
Telecommunications & TechnologiesLocal 7270: Concern MN, $10M into a fiber project, it was a success but we are concerned
that we don’t have the staffing to do new work. This work was all done by contractors and
that is a big concern. We have less than 100 members down from 400. I’m concerned that
they are going to leave MN out.
The Company offered to extend the contract indefinitely with a 90 day wait period for either
side. We did make an off the record counter offer for a small increase and keep everything
else status quo. 35 people are still eligible for retiree healthcare. MN has been identified to
add 15 positions only 2 for CWA and 13 IBEW.
Local 3673: Last year we did info request and showed the Company how the contractors
were causing the company to lose money and we just had 17 people hired. Smaller markets:
what is the chance of sales of smaller areas??
Dan: nothing mentioned directly to us, but this is something we will be watching.
Local 3673 will send VP Bolton a copy of the information request for distribution/discussion.
COVID Pay Issues
Tony Shafer will send the one member’s information with a pay issue to VP Bolton.
The call ended at 6:59 p.m.

Frontier – New Fiber Focus
● Frontier emerged from bankruptcy on April 30
● New Leadership Team
● Executive Chairman John Stratton
● CEO Nick Jeffery
● Chief Network Officer Veronica Bloodworth
● “Frontier’s purpose is to be a leader in building
Gigabit America” – CEO Nick Jeffery

“Modernization Plan” For Fiber
● Eight States Identified for Fiber –
● “CTFC” (California, Texas, Florida, Connecticut)
● “WINO” (West Virginia, Illinois, New York, Ohio)
● Other States “Under Review” – Pennsylvania,
Indiana, Among Others
● Company Currently engaged in a “100-day
Strategic Review” of operations – Investor Day
to Announce Strategic Plan planned for August

Strategic Imperatives
“We recognize, time to market is an absolutely critical
success factor and to that end, Nick and his leadership
team are driving two critical questions, how far and how
fast?” – Exec Chair John Stratton
“Frontier has several advantages in building our modern
fiber network…We have a terrific work force of
thousands of employees, who build this fiber rapidly,
which new entrants or smaller players cannot easily
replicate.” – CEO Nick Jeffery

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Formal job posting for Two Rivers, WI, is updated and recruiting now for Hilbert, WI.

Reposted for internal job bidders dates: 5/14 to 5/24.

Frontier Bankruptcy and Your Pension - Future and Recent Retirees

As you are aware, Frontier has emerged from bankruptcy. Whether you are planning to retire in the future, retired in the last year, or received a pension death benefit in the last year, this webinar is for you. We will walk through how the bankruptcy is affecting Frontier's pension for all three groups by re-opening opportunities for lump sum benefits. The best part – we’ll do it in only 20 minutes!
This Thursday at 8:00 am, 12:30pm, and 6:30pm, or Saturday at 10:00am. Click here to register. Check out our whole series of 20-minute webinars. Topics include: Navigating a Surplus, Retirement Benefits, 401(k) Insights, Medicare, 5 Keys to a Happy, Fulfilling Retirement, How Financial Professionals are Compensated, and many more.

2020 CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Winners:

-Brianna Thurston, daughter of Judy Brasda in the Sun Prairie Assignment Center. Brianna is attending Medaille College in Buffalo NY. Judy is a Frontier Communications employee.

-Hunter Scheel, son of Nick Janota in the Rice Lake Central Office. Hunter will be attending WITC in Rice Lake WI. Nick is a CenturyLink employee.

-Emily Shier, daughter of Jennifer Shier in the Sun Prairie Assignment Center. Emily will be attending UW Stevens Point. Jennifer is a Frontier Communications employee.

2019 CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Winners listed below:
CWA Member working for Frontier Communications Joe Herbst of Sun Prairie, his wife Jacqueline Herbst will be attending Lakeland University.
CWA Member working for CenturyLink Nick Janota of Rice Lake his daughter Audrey Scheel will be attending UW Stout.


Winner: Hailey Winesburg-Member: Brad Winesburg, Frontier Rhinelander-Hailey is going to UW Green Bay

Winner: Brandon Lucht-Member: Todd Lucht, Frontier, Antigo-Brandon is going to UW Platteville

Winner: Luke Verdecchia-Member: Sam Verdecchia, Frontier Sun Prairie-Luke is going to UW Madison

Winner: Tyler Mesun-Member: Robert Mesun, Frontier Minocqua-Tyler is going to Nicholet Technical College

Winner: Amber Verdecchia-Member: Sam Verdecchia, Frontier Sun Prairie- Amber is going to UW Madison

Winner: Carmen Ramirez-Member: Claudia Cruz, Frontier Sun Prairie-Carmen is going to Madison Tech College

2017 CWA Local 4671 Scholarship Winners!!

Member Don Manecke employed with Century Link in Hayward,
Student Rachel Manecke going to school at WITC in Barron WI.

Member Brad Winesburg employed with Frontier Legacy in Rhinelander,
Student Daniel Winesburg going to school at NWTC in Green Bay WI.

Member Thomas Licht employed with Century Link in Prairie du Chien,
Student Ryan Licht going to school at Chippewa Valley Tech College.

Member Robert Furger employed with Frontier in Wausau,
Student Kailey Furger going to school at UW Madison.

Member Thomas Kemp employed with Fronter in Sun Prairie,
Student Katherine Kemp going to school at Waukesha County Tech College.


Elsey Anderson, daughter of Jeremy Millard Lineworker/Frontier Rhinelander,
is attending UW Oshkosh
Danielle Lyons, daughter of Gregory Lyons Service Tech/Frontier Marshfield,
is attending UW Stevens Point
Joseph Sedivy, son of Scott Sedivy CO Tech/Frontier Wausau,
is attending UW Marathon County
Zachary Furger, son of Robert Furger Service Tech/Frontier Wausau,
is attending Michigan Tech
Jacob Breuer, son of James Breuer Data Engineer/Frontier Slinger,
is attending UW Whitewater
Christopher Kott, son of Sky Kott Facilities Assigner/Frontier Sun Prairie,
is attending UW Platteville

Subject: Info about "UNAVAILABLE" Time coding

We have had issues regarding a supervisor asking the Technician what they were doing when they coded time to "unavailable." All well and good if it is about the day before or even the week before, perhaps, but more than once it has been weeks or even a month, when the Company is questioning the Tech in order to hand out discipline. Normally the Tech has told the Company he/she has written the reason for the "unavailable" time in the comments section.

My research (from a system admin in Minnesota) results are as follows:

The Comments do not appear after the current day. The code remains and time remains but comments disappear. Therefore, CYB (cover your butt) folks. KEEP NOTES!!!!!



2015 Local 4671 Scholarship winners:

Cathy Nelson (Frontier, Network Tech - WI Dells) son Luke Nelson going to UW Marathon County

Jennifer Shier (Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) son Spencer Shier going to UW Whitewater

Amy Mundt ( Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) daughter Camryn Schwartz going to UW Madison

Lionel Norton (Frontier, Assignment Center, Sun Prairie) daughter Amri Moon-Norton to UW Stevens Point

Jerald Moore (Frontier, Construction Detailer, Sun Prairie) son Austin Moore going to UW Milwaukee

Ken Geiser (Frontier-Customer Zone Tech II, Hilbert) son Evan Geiser going to UW Green Bay

The following is the amount the CWA Defense Fund pays striking members:

No pay out for the first 14 days
$200 a week beginning on the 15th day of the strike
$300 a week beginning on the 29th day of the strike
The last convention voted for $400 a week after the 57th day of the strike

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